Thursday, January 7, 2010

artistic orgasms

I've started to be more simple in my art. My friend Murry has been creating minimalistic art for years. 8 strokes of the brush and a forest is apparent. 4 strokes and he has a figure holding a flower. Amazing! I started with long pieces of low fire white clay and created the figure using 7 pieces. Very recognizable and simple. I can use my signature glazing techniques, fire once , create a frame, and I'm ready to hang. The process still means I need enough work to fill my kiln...which takes a week or two but the end result is an artistic orgasm. My favorite pieces are when I can have two figures interacting. To sign the piece I've started to use a crescent moon with my name on it. I love the first visible represents the male aspect ...the time of the month when the spark of creativity is at it's peak.

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